The timetable for bus and boats can be found on Fill in where you want to travel from and to, and which date. If you press search without filling anything in you will get a map of the area with bus stops marked.

In Hammerfest city center there are two bus stops with information screens where you can see timetables - Rådhusplassen and Ole Olsen Plass.

The closest bus stop to the airport is "Rema fuglenes." It is 300 meters from the airport.

Mobile apps
Snelandia reise - This app can be used to see timetables.
Snelandia mobillett - This app can be used to pay for tickets.

Hammerfest taxi
Hammerfest taxi is located in Hammerfest city center.
Address: Storgata 2.
Phone: +47 784 11 234

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Mon-Fri 10-15 Sa-Su Closed

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Hamnegata 3, Hammerfest