Kokelv is a small village with about 130 inhabitants. They have kindergarden, preschool, church, museum, gas station and a local convenience store. The village is by the coast in a fjord surrounded by untouch nature. 

A national tourist route start just 2 kilometers from Kokelv and goes all the way to Havøysund. The route is 70 kilometers and is about an hour drive.

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Getting to Kokelv

With car or buss
You can find times for the bus on Snelandia.no - fill in where you want to travel from/to and which day to find times.
It takes about 1,5 hours with car from Hammerfest to Kokelv.

With plane
The closest airport is Lakselv airport, and it takes about 1,5 hours with a car from the airport to Kokelv.
Hammerfest, Alta and Honningsvåg airport are the other closest airports and it is about a 2 hours drive away.
Lakselv airport: 90 km. • Hammerfest airport: 106 km. • Honningsvåg airport: 116 km. • Alta airport: 130 km.

DSC 0418Kokelv church
Kokelv church was built in 1960 through "Aksjon Soningstegn." Young Germans came to Norway and built what was burned down after the war. The church is a longchurch with space for 122 people and a graveyard. They have a religious service once a month.


Phone: +47 911 68 352 • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • Address: Kirkevegen 16, 9715 Kokelv

Kokelv Sea Sapmi kokelvmuseum4Museum
Kokelv Sea Sapmi Museum is a museum about sea sapmi culture and history. It is in an old sea sapmi farm from 1950 which was built after the war. Experience a genuin sea sapmi farm with a reconstructed house and barn. There is also a collection of boats in a boat house by the sea.

You can learn about sea sapmi and local history. They have a copy of the original Sapmi outfit from Kokelv, and several other original sapmi dresses. Down in the boat house they got a boat collection with several Nordland boats, smaller boats and fishing artifacts.

There is also a collection of unique photos from Roland Bonaparte (relative to Napoleon Bonaparte) while he was in Finnmark in 1880 to study Sapmi people.

The museum does unfortunately not have facilities for wheelchairs.

Phone: +47 473 26 862 • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • Address: Kokelvveien 51, 9715 Kokelv • Website: https://rdm.no/no/kokelv_sjosamiske_museum/
 Kokelv sjøsamiske museum    Kokelvsjosamiskemuseum

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10-15 Sa-Su Closed

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+ 47 78 41 21 85

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Hamnegata 3, Hammerfest